Mission Statement

JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1983, and has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a professional manufacturer of vacuum sealing & packaging machines.

Mission Statement

Unchangeable Principle
  • Quality and Technology are the basis of all enterprise
    The intention is to provide clients high-efficiency products and better services by making the professional technology as our foundation and the quality considerations as our first priority.
  • High value-added product
    With the global interoperability, one of our most important marketing approaches is to assist our users to enhance the value-added of their products. Offering a solution to reduce the cost is not our only consideration. Nowadays, the capacity of manipulating the costs of high quality products is severely limited. On the other hand, there are numerous strategies of raising the product’s selling price. Especially, vacuum packaging machine will offer products with exquisite packaging, sanitization, shelf life extension, and stability, which can be a great boon to lift the value-added of products.
Absolute Commitment
  • High quality management for highest reassurance
    All of our machines are made in Taiwan. Also, our high quality vacuum packaging meets the strict requirements from medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies with GMP and HACCP.
  • Continuous improvement, innovation and development. Let’s make progress together!
Core Value
  • Standardized production, customized design
    Since most of our product components are made from standardized molds, they are also applicable to different models of machines, in order to improve the precision of machines, reduce the possibility of malfunctioning, and extend the service life. Simultaneously, in response to the needs of different users, we provide customized mechanical services as well as professional advice and recommendation for the design.
  • Personalized service
    We are not only a manufacturing industry, but also a service industry. We supply you suitable products with quality service.

Best Sale

Tray Sealer | Vacuum Packaging Machine Manufacturer - JAW FENG

JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD., since 1983, is one of the prime vacuum packing machine manufacturers and their vacuum packaging machine is sold to 120 countries worldwide.

JAW FENG provides customers an extensive range of vacuum packaging equipment | industrial vacuum packaging machines for food packaging, from a simple table top tray sealer, a vacuum tumbler to a complete vacuum packaging line. All industrial vacuum packaging machines are to increase production speed, prevent human error and make them long-lasting.

Tray sealing machine including seafood packaging, meat packaging, dairy products packaging to ready-to-eat packaging. Cost-saving vacuum packaging machine designing & manufacturing with 24hr PLC control system, BUSCH pump, 12-language control and high-quality imported components.

Along with food packaging, JAW FENG also supplies vacuum packaging machine for semiconductor, aircraft, firearm and telecommunication items.

JAW FENG has been offering customers high-quality vacuum packaging machines, both with advanced technology and 34 years of experience, JAW FENG ensures each customer's demands are met.

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