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Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Marinating Vacuum Tumbler / Meat Vacuum Tumbler / Vacuum Mixer Tumbler

New Diamond Vac. Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine gives a significant effect of shortening pickling time, increasing water content in pickles, maintaining tenderness meanwhile increasing product freshness.

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Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine(J-VM150)

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Machine Dimension : 1037 x 832 x 1235 mm
Vacuum Tank Capacity : 150 L

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine(J-VM300)

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Machine Dimension : 1170 x 932 x 1357 mm
Vacuum Tank Capacity : 300 L

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine(J-VM600)

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Machine Dimension : 1533 x 925 x 1490 mm
Vacuum Tank Capacity : 600 L

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine(J-VM1000)

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Machine Dimension : 1870 x 1065 x 1550 mm
Vacuum Tank Capacity : 1000 L

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine(J-VM2000)

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Machine Dimension : 2430 x 1254 x 1816 mm
Vacuum Tank Capacity : 2000 L

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine(J-VM3000)

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Machine Dimension : 2430 x 1521 x 2110 mm
Vacuum Tank Capacity : 3000 L

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine(J-VM4000)

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Machine Dimension : 2730 x 1626 x 2300 mm
Vacuum Tank Capacity : 4000 L

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Heavy Duty Double Chambers Vacuum Packaging Machine

Heavy Duty Double Chambers Vacuum Packaging Machine

Model : J-V016A Heavy Duty Double Chambers Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine.Gas Flushing Bi-active sealing system, Cutting system (cut off remaining pouch), Pneumatic auto lifting arms for lid closing and opening system, There are 2 options: Semi system or Auto system.

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Thermoforming Packaging Machine

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Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine

Model : J-VM600 Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine.Complete stainless steel structure for maximum durability, Hygienic design, easy to clean, Variable speed control system permits speed change as desired to suit various products. It is easy to operate, minimum trouble and allows for continuous 24-hour operation.

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Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine | Vacuum Packaging Machine Manufacturer - JAW FENG

JAW FENG MACHINERY CO., LTD., since 1983, is one of the prime Vacuum Massage Tumblers Machine | vacuum packing machine manufacturers and their vacuum packaging machine is sold to 160 countries worldwide.

JAW FENG provides customers an extensive range of vacuum packaging equipment | industrial vacuum packaging machines for food packaging, from a simple table top tray sealer, a vacuum tumbler to a complete vacuum packaging line. All industrial vacuum packaging machines are to increase production speed, prevent human error and make them long-lasting.

Tray sealing machine including seafood packaging, meat packaging, dairy products packaging to ready-to-eat packaging. Cost-saving vacuum packaging machine designing & manufacturing with 24hr PLC control system, BUSCH pump, 12-language control and high-quality imported components.

Along with food packaging, JAW FENG also supplies vacuum packaging machine for semiconductor, aircraft, firearm and telecommunication items.

JAW FENG has been offering customers high-quality vacuum packaging machines, both with advanced technology and 34 years of experience, JAW FENG ensures each customer's demands are met.

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